Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to empty my dresser drawers?
Yes. Your dresser was not designed to be moved while filled with contents. The piece’s structural integrity would be greatly compromised to move it in this way. It is also not safe for us. However, you may leave the empty drawers in the dresser.

Do I really need a parking permit? I have a sweet spot I always park in.
Depending on where you are in the city, we will determine whether or not we need a parking permit to do your move. Keep in mind, we’re extremely familiar with all of the arterial streets in Philadelphia, all of the small back alleys in Center City, and how our trucks fit within the city’s confines.

Can you move my flat screen TV even if I don’t have the original box?
Yes. We do this every single day. Our crew will wrap your television in protective furniture pads, seal it with packaging tape, and secure it safely on the back of our truck.

Can you take apart my furniture?
Within reason. It is very common for us to disassemble and assemble beds, dining room tables, and desks. If you have any specialty items (grand piano, 200 year old grandfather clock) we may determine they're not reasonable.

Will you move my piano?
At an additional fee, only if it's an upright, and only first floor to first floor.

Do you offer packing services?
Yes. Packing is usually done the day prior to the move. Our packing crew will pack all items requested to ensure a quick and efficient loading of the truck on your move day. Whether you would like us to pack it all, pack yourself or a combination of both options, we can provide the services you need.

- Full Service Packing
- Fragile-Only Packing
- Custom Crating

Do you need to come to my home to give me an estimate?
No. We are a small company, dedicated to giving each customer the focused attention they need. Given how busy we are, we simply don’t have the time to go to each potential customer’s home. We’ve found we can work with equal detail via email or telephone.

How do I pay?
Payment is due at the completion of the move. We accept the following: cash, money order, cashier’s check, or a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover). If you use a credit card there will be a 4% service fee so please budget that into your expenses. We do not accept personal checks.

What is travel time?
Travel time is the time spent getting to and from the job. It’s billed at the same hourly rate as your move, but only applies to jobs that are 15 minutes or more away from our office.

Can the crew hoist my furniture?
At the discretion of the crew, we can hoist your furniture. If the crew feels the scenario is unsafe, they will not hoist your furniture. Also, if any windows need to be taken out for hoisting, we’ll need you to be responsible for taking the windows out and putting them back in.

What else can I do to help?
If you are not using our packing services, please make sure everything that can fit into a box is in a box. Also, please be sure to properly tape the bottoms AND tops of your boxes 100% closed. Aside from the necessary preparation, a great way to help with your move is trying to stay as calm and optimistic as possible. Moving can be inherently stressful for everyone involved, but we’ve found keeping a positive attitude throughout the day can greatly change that. We’re passionate about creating a stress-free environment for the day of your move while maintaining a focus on getting the job done in a professional manner.

Long distance moves
Whether you are moving to Philadelphia or leaving Philadelphia for another location, we can handle all the logistics of your move. We frequently service New York, Washington D.C., Baltimore and Boston.