Our Services

Since 2007, we have proudly provided the following services:

  • Local moves

    Residential and commercial relocation within the City of Philadelphia.
  • Long distance moves

    Residential and commercial relocation outside the City of Philadelphia. We can also load/unload your Pod or other trailer if you'd prefer.
  • Loading and unloading services

    Loading or unloading your truck that you're driving to/from Philadelphia.
  • Deliveries

    Picking up a new piece of furniture from a retailer and delivering it to your home.
  • Hoisting

    Lifting furniture into windows or up over balcony's when it won't fit up the steps.  Please understand, because of the nature of this task, we will not hoist large appliances (washer/dryer) or furniture that we feel is unsafe or unreasonable.
  • Art moves

    Special care of boutique items.
  • Packing

    Taking care of the tedious task of assembling all of the small items in your
    home/office into boxes, ready to be moved safely onto our trucks.